The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime officers killed in clashes in around the city of Palmyra

Homs Province:

A colonel and a major in the regime forces killed in the ongoing clashes with IS militants around Jabal al- Tabaq, Jabal al- Hyal, al- Maqale’ and al- tyas areas as well as around Palmyra area.


IS targeted the regime positions in al- Dawra area around the city of Palmyra.


A man from the city of Palmyra died of wounds he suffered from due to aerial bombardment on the city 5 days ago.


The regime forces shelled and opened fire on places in the neighborhood of al- Wa’er in the city of Homs leading to wound a woman.


Idlib Province:

The warplanes carried out a raid on the city of Ariha causing material damages.