The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al-Hasakah security chaos | Turkish drones shell security centre injuring two

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have reported that a Turkish drone have fired missiles on the centre of the Internal Security Forces “Al-Asayesh” in Abu Raseen ”Zarkan” district in Al-Hasakah countryside, injuring two people.

Yesterday, SOHR activists documented the injury of two people who are: Member of the General Command of Syriac Military Council and a translator, where a Turkish drone shelled their vehicle in Tel Tamr town while they were escorting a Russian group to Tel Tamr electricity station, which was shelled by Turkish forces and put out of service yesterday.
On the other hand, Turkish forces stationed in “Peace Spring” areas renewed shelling on Al-Hasakah countryside, the vicinity of a Russian base, Tel Tamr and Abu Raseen villages, where shells violently and randomly hit Al-Dirdara, Tel Shinan and Al-Tawela villages, electricity transfer station and the vicinity of Tel Tamr town north western of Al-Hasakah.
SOHR activists documented the injury of a civilian in the Turkish shelling on Tel Tamr countryside and Abu Raseen “Zarkan” in the north western countryside of Al-Hasakah.
On the same context, Turkish direct shelling on civilians’ houses continued in 17 villages which are: Um Al-Kaif, Arab Khan, Ain Al-Abd, Dada Abdal, Haj Boby, Safa, Um Harmala, Gharbiyah, Nuwayhat, Tel Hermal, Rubay’at Tel Al-Ward in Zarkan countryside, Tel Shinan, Al-Tawela, Al-Dirdara and electricity transfer station in Tel Tamr countryside.