The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Civilians killed in shelling, shells target the south of the capital, and a mine explodes in the countryside of Hama

Damascus Province:

It was confirmed the death of a woman after several shells landed on areas in al-Tadamon neighborhood while 4 others wounded too.


Information reported kidnapping of two citizens from Masaken Barzeh by unidentified gunmen, they took them to unknown destination, no information about the reason of kidnapping.

A child form al-Yarmouk camp died after the landing of several shells on areas in the camp which vicinity is witnessing clashes between an Islamic faction against the regime forces and the militiamen loyal to them and information about casualties in both sides.

The power had been cut off  in large parts of Damascus province and its countryside, and the southern provinces in Syria, as a result of unknown gunmen targeting a power line that feed the plant to generate electricity, leading to disruption of power generation turbines.


Hama Province:

A man was hit and other was wounded in a land-mine explosion on the road between Tall Otman and al-Sqylbiyyeh town in the countryside of Hama.