The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Eighth attack in 2022 | Israel targets military positions in western Hama countryside

SOHR activists have reported hearing loud explosions in the vicinity of Masyaf city in the western Hama countryside, where several Israeli missiles hit several positions in the vicinity of Masyaf city and a position in Al-Suwayda village and the Defence Labs in Al-Zawy area in the western Hama countryside, where there are militias of the Iranian-backed “Revolutionary Guards” and militias of the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Moreover, there are warehouses, research centres for upgrading missiles and drones. However, no casualties have been reported yet.

It is worth noting that this attack by Israel on Syrian territory is the eighth one since 2022.

This shelling comes a month after the last attack by Israel on Syrian territory on March 7.

On March 7, SOHR activists reported hearing violent explosions in Damascus and Rif Dimashq, when regime air-defence system attempted to intercept Israeli missiles fired from the occupied Syrian Golan. The Israeli missiles targeted posts and weapons warehouses of Iran-backed militias in the vicinity of Damascus international airport.

SOHR documented eight airstrikes and ground rocket attacks since the beginning of 2022, during which Israel targeted several positions in Syria, destroying nearly 13 targets, including buildings, warehouses, headquarters, centres and vehicles. These strikes killed 12 military personnel and injured 19 others. The deaths were as follows:

• Two Iranian officers operating under the banner of Al-Quds Corps.

• Four Syrian fighters of Iranian-backed militias.

• Three non-Syrian militiamen of Iran-backed militias.

• Three regime soldiers, including a lieutenant.

Meanwhile, the attacks are distributed regionally as follows:

• Damascus and Rif Dimashq: Five attacks

• Al-Quneitera: Two attacks