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Hectic movements | Afghan “Fatimyoun” militia transports weapons including Iranian-made missiles from West Euphrates area to Homs

As Iranian-backed militias continue their activity throughout Syrian territory, Syrian Observatory activists in West Euphrates region, the “Iranian colony in Syria,” have reported that Afghan “Liwaa Fatimyoun” militia has transferred weapons and ammunition, where two trucks, loaded with Iranian-made medium-range missiles, ammunition and other weapons, have arrived in Athar Al-Shalby area in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, west of Euphrates.

According to SOHR sources, the trucks have headed to eastern Homs desert, where Fatimyoun militia has been recently making intensive movements.

On March 11, SOHR reliable sources, in west Euphrates region, the pro-Iran militias’ “colony” in Syria, reported that the Afghan “Liwaa Fatimyoun” transported weapons and ammunition to their positions in Al-Raqqah province.

According to sources, the militia’s members transported short and medium-range missiles, light and heavy weapons, and ammunitions on a truck from Iranian-backed militias’ warehouses near Athar Al-Shalby area ,east of Deir Ezzor to Ma’dan desert.

This is the second operation in 2022, as the first transportation of weapons and ammunitions by the same militia happened in January by a “vegetables and fruits” truck to Al-Raqqah.

On January 28, reliable sources informed SOHR that the Lebanese Hezbollah transported weapons and ammunitions from west Euphrates region, the pro-Iran militias’ “colony” in Syrian territory, in the past few hours to the Hezbollah positions on the Syria-Lebanon border in the Rif Dimashq.

According to sources, Hezbollah two trucks transported weapons and ammunition from Iranian-backed militias’ warehouses near Athar Al-Shalby area in Al-Mayadeen countryside, east of Deir Ezzor, and loaded weapons and ammunition, including short- and medium-range missiles and light and medium weapons.

The trucks took Deir Ezzor-Damascus highway to the Syria-Lebanon border in Rif Dimashq where they were unloaded in Hezbollah positions in the region’s barren mountains. The reasons behind the transfer of weapons and ammunition remained unknown.