The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al-Raqqah | Turkish forces renew shelling areas in the vicinity of “Autonomous Administration’s capital”

Al-Raqqah province: SOHR activists have reported that Turkish forces have fired a rocket attack in the early hours of Wednesday morning, targeting Al-Mushairefah village and Ain Issa soils east of Ain Issa, the “capital of Autonomous Administration” in the northern countryside of Al-Raqqah. However, no casualties have been reported.

On April 11, SOHR activists reported that Turkish forces fired heavy artillery shells on Ma’lak, Khaldiyah, Al-Hoshan, Al-Dabs, and Estarahat Sakr village and the highway between Aleppo and Al-Hasakah “M4” in the western Ain Eissa countryside in the northern Al-Raqqa countryside. However, no casualties were reported.

This came as a continuation of the daily Turkish ground shelling of Al-Raqqah countryside.

During six days, SOHR activists reported that Turkish forces stationed in “Peace Spring” areas fired artillery shells on Al-Areda, Zanoba, and Khirbat Al-Bakar in the western countryside of Tel Abyad northern of Al-Raqqah, in addition to Saida, Ma’lak, the M4 road, Khaldiyah, Al-Hoshan, Al-Dabs, Estrahat Sakr and Ain Issa camp, north of Al-Raqqah.