SOHR: Israeli strikes target a shipment of Iranian marches into Syria • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR: Israeli strikes target a shipment of Iranian marches into Syria

Al-Arabiya sources reported Thursday night that Israeli raids in Syria targeted Iran’s newly arrived air defense batteries, a shipment of advanced Iranian drones, and a radar system. .

consecutive explosions

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also reported, today, Thursday, that a series of explosions took place in the southwestern countryside of Damascus as a result of Israeli attacks on military areas.

For its part, the Syrian General Authority for Radio and Television announced that an Israeli air attack was targeted at several points in the Damascus countryside.

The Syrian Al-Ekhbariya channel reported hearing explosions in the western countryside of Damascus. The Syrian News Agency indicated that “explosions were heard in the sky around Damascus.”

Hundreds of hits

It is noteworthy that in recent years, Israel has launched hundreds of air strikes in Syria, targeting the positions of regime forces and targets of Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah, but the pace has accelerated recently.

Israel rarely confirms the implementation of strikes on Syrian territory, but it has always reiterated that it will continue to face what it describes as Iran’s attempts to establish its military presence in Syria.



Source: newsfounded

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