The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ongoing operations in Afrin | Turkish-backed factions fell trees, kill cattle and loot olive

Aleppo province: Reliable sources have informed SOHR that a commander in Al-Hamza Division known by his initials as A. F. with some of his members shot dead sheep belonging to a shepherd in Bulbul district in Afrin countryside on Friday evening. The incident followed a dispute between the shepherd and the commander over money paid by the shepherd in return for renting an olive grove which had been seized by the commander. Moreover, the commander stole nearly 15 sheep.


According to SOHR activists, the commander has rents out olive groves for 250 to 350 USD to shepherds, and then he turns against them and rents the same olive groves out to other shepherds. Meanwhile, the shepherds appeal to the “Rights Restitution Committee” to intervene and put an end to the violations by Al-Hamza Division.


On the other hand, members of the same faction, Al-Hamza Division, felled nearly 35 olive trees in Jendires district, where the trees belonged to a civilian from Qarbah village in the district.


Moreover, members of Al-Mu’tasem faction which controls Za’rah village in Bulbul district have seized an olive grove belonging to a displaced civilian and took over the authorization documents granted by the local council to one of the civilian’s relatives under the pretext that “these documents are not legal.”