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Suicide attempt | Young man sets himself on fire in Al-Hasakah

A young man from Al-Tala’ea neighbourhood in Al-Hasakah has set himself on fire due to poor living conditions, where he was transported to a hospital in Al-Qamishly and is currently in a critical condition.

According to local sources, the young man set himself on fire because he couldn’t afford life necessities for his family due to extremely high prices in markets, in light of his low salary and lack of the simplest life necessities, forcing him to commit suicide.

On March 24, SOHR activists reported that two civilians killed themselves in separate incidents in Idlib province for unknown reasons.

According to Observatory sources, a displaced young man from Aleppo city shot himself in his grandfather’s house in Salqin city in western Idlib.

While a 13-year-old boy hanged himself to death in Kamounah camp in southern Sarmada in the northern countryside of Idlib. It is worth noting that the boy had been displaced from Um Jurn village of Al-Sfirah city in Aleppo countryside.

On February 27, SOHR sources reported that suicide cases increased among civilians especially young people to escape the harsh living conditions in north Syrian.

Civilians committed suicide in different methods, including hanging using ropes, shooting themselves, consuming poison, due to accumulation of psychological pressure caused by poverty, homelessness, lack of job opportunities and poor income.