The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Daraa security chaos | Unidentified gunmen raid house while others target drug promotors

Daraa province: SOHR activists have reported that unidentified gunmen have thrown a grenade on the house of a civilian working in money exchange, in the eastern neighbourhood in Nowa city in Daraa countryside followed by shooting with light weapons. However, no injuries were reported.

On the same context, two civilians accused of “drug dealing and promoting” were injured, where unidentified gunmen directly shot them on the highway between Tafs and Daraa. The civilians were transported to the hospital to receive proper medication.

This comes in light of the chaos and insecurity in Daraa in the Syrian south.

Since early 2022, the number of attacks in Daraa province has risen to 145, which left 118 people dead; and they are as follows:

• 65 civilians including a woman and four children.

• 39 regime military personnel and “collaborators” with security services.

• Seven individuals with settled-status.

• An ex-ISIS member.

• Five unidentified people.

• A Russian-backed militiaman.