The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish intensive shelling | Little girl injured and civilian property damaged in Abu Rasan/ Zarkan district in Al-Hasakah countryside

SOHR activists have documented the injury of a little girl in an artillery shell fired by Turkish forces at her family’s house in the vicinity of Khadrawi village in Abu Rasin/ Zarkan countryside in the north-western countryside of Al-Hasakah.

Turkish intensive shelling on the countryside of Tel Tamr and Abu Rasin has continued since the early morning hours of Monday, causing material damage to civilian houses.

This morning, SOHR activists reported that Turkish forces stationed in “Peace Spring” area carried out intensive rocket attacks since the early hours of Monday morning on areas in north-western Al-Hasakah countryside, targeting civilian houses and triggering a massive exodus of civilians from the area.

Turkish shelling also hit the vicinity of Tel Tamr town and the villages of Tel Shannan, Tel Tawil Assyria, Al-Dardarah, and Umm Al-Kif.

Moreover, Turkish forces have fired heavy weapons and mortar shells on Zarkan district and its countryside, the centre of the district, and the villages of Asadiyah, Khadrawi, Dada Abdal, Rabi’at, and Khirbet Shair.

The intensive shelling came amid intensive overflight by Turkish drones and coincided with a massive displacement of people.

On April 17, Yesterday evening, the forces of “Tel Tamr Military Council” operating under the banner of SDF carried out a rocket attack, targeting areas under the control of “National Army” factions in retaliation for the shelling of areas under their control in which six members of Turkish-backed “National Army” factions were wounded, some of them had been taken to Turkish territory for their serious injuries.

Meanwhile, in the early hours of Monday morning, several rocket fires had been fired by Turkish forces stationed in “Peace Spring” area in the vicinity of a camp in the tel Al-Samen area in northern Al-Raqqah countryside, hosting displaced persons from Tel Abyad area. However, no casualties were reported.