The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ceasefire violations | Regime forces shell positions hosting Turkish military posts in east Idlib countryside

SOHR sources in the “de-escalation zone” have reported rocket fire by regime forces in the early hours of Friday morning, which targeted positions in Afes village and the surrounding areas of Sarmin in the eastern countryside of Idlib, where the targeted positions host Turkish observation posts. No casualties have been reported.


On the other hand, a regime lieutenant was shot dead yesterday evening by a sniper of the factions of “Al-Fath Al-Mubeen” operations room on the frontlines of the western countryside of Aleppo. This was the second regime lieutenant to be killed yesterday, as SOHR activists had documented the death of a regime lieutenant from Jininat Raslan village in Latakia countryside, as he was shot dead by a sniper of the factions on the frontlines of Al-Kabinah in the northern countryside of Latakia.