The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR : Hezbollah establishes weapons workshops in Homs countryside under the supervision of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said today, Saturday, that the Lebanese Hezbollah has recently set up workshops to manufacture weapons of all kinds in the countryside of Homs, under the supervision of experts from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

The observatory stated that Hezbollah had established workshops for the manufacture of artillery and missile shells, mines and maintenance of drones “within the fortified arms and ammunition depots in the strategic Mahin area in the southeastern countryside of Homs.”

He pointed out that these depots “are considered the second largest arms depots in Syria.”

According to the sources of the Syrian Observatory, a large number of people from the town of Mahin in Homs countryside are now working in the ranks of the local militias loyal to Iran, after the regime and Iranian militias took control of the area in early 2017, with Russian air support.

It is worth mentioning that in November of 2013, opposition and Islamist factions took control of Mahin’s military warehouses, where control at that time led to the factions seizing large quantities of light, medium and heavy weapons and ammunition.

In October 2015, ISIS took control of the town of Mahin and its warehouses in the countryside of Homs after an attack with booby-trapped vehicles that targeted a checkpoint of the regime in the vicinity of the area, before the latter regained control of Mahin and its warehouses in early 2017 with Russian air cover and support from Iranian militias on the ground.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights indicated on April 21 that the Russian forces withdrew completely from the Palmyra military airport in the eastern countryside of Homs, as all the Russian elements left the airport via a military helicopter before the Russian forces withdrew their helicopters from the airport as well, for unknown reasons.

According to the sources, the Russian helicopters and the forces that left Palmyra Airport headed for T-4 Airport in Homs countryside, thus making Palmyra Military Airport under the control of the Lebanese “Hezbollah” and the Afghan “Fatimiyoun” militia loyal to Iran, in addition to the presence of some of the regime’s elements and officers inside the airport.



Source: middleeast-24