The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Idlib camps | Nearly 150 displaced people fall ill after eating expired “iftar” breaking fast meals

More than 100 displaced people who live in camps in Al-Aynaa, Kafr Owayd Al-Mahabah, and Al-Mukhtar camps near Kalli town in northern Idlib countryside have fallen ill over being served spoiled meals at a’breaking fast ‘table by relief organisations.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, the majority affected are children and women, who have been taken to hospitals.

Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that over 40 civilians mostly children and women have suffered food poisoning, due to consuming Iftar fasting meals in camps north of Idlib, where they were transported to the hospitals to receive proper medication.

In “Al-Molk Lelah” camp in Atma northern Idlib, at least 12 civilians, seven children, and three women, were transported to the hospital, while 30 civilians from Dar Al-Kiram camp in Kally mountain in Idlib countryside were transported to the hospital, most of them being children.

It is worth noting that during Ramadan, Iftar fasting meals were distributed to civilians as a gesture by organizations and institutions operating in north western of Syria, to support displaced civilians who suffer harsh living conditions.