The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR: Turkey is waging a war of attrition in Syria

The death toll in the ranks of Turkish occupation army inside Syrian territories it occupies is rising.

The recent military operation of Afrin Liberation Forces against a Turkish occupation patrol in the town of Marea’a, northern Syria, dealt a strong blow to Turkey, due to the deaths it caused among occupation forces.

On April 22, the forces targeted a military armored vehicle of Turkish occupation army in Marea’a, killing 10 Turkish soldiers and Syrian mercenaries, and wounding 6 others.

For its part, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that 3 Turkish soldiers were among the dead in the targeting process, while it seems that the occupation state hid its losses, and only announced the killing of one “police”.

And before that, Turkish occupation forces were repeatedly targeted in the occupied Syrian areas, and in the absence of accurate statistics for the number of occupation deaths, the observers indicate that they exceed hundreds, from special forces or members of the army and police.

And in February 2020, more than 49 Turkish soldiers were killed in Idlib, after exchanging clashes with Damascus government forces, as one of the largest casualties in the ranks of the occupation army.

Turkish occupation forces largest losses was during their attacks on Afrin Canton, as Turkish army announced the killing of 46 soldiers during that aggression, but the certain number of losses exceeds that by many times, because of the resistance of the people of Afrin and Syria Democratic forces in 2018.

Turkey does not usually announce its human losses clearly, but when the operations that target it are public in front of public opinion, announce a small part of the losses, and many are kept quiet for fear of a coup by Turkish public opinion against the authorities of Turkish President Erdogan.

The people of north Syrian regions occupied by Turkey have shown on more than one occasion their rejection of Turkish presence, which is accompanied by lack of security and stability and chaos, resulting in cases of murder, kidnapping, rape and theft, carried out by the mercenary groups affiliated with Turkey as a way to earn money.



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