The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Artillery shelling | Kurdish forces kill member of Turkish-backed faction in northern Aleppo countryside

Aleppo province: SOHR activists have reported that a member of “Liwaa Al-Waqas” faction of Turkish-backed factions has died of wounds sustained last night by a sniper of Kurdish forces on the frontlines of Al-Tuways village in Marea countryside, north of Aleppo.

On April 24, SOHR activists reported that exchanged artillery shelling had renewed between Turkish forces and their proxies on one hand and Kurdish forces on the other hand, on the frontlines of Aleppo countryside that evening.

The Turkish shelling hit Mar’anaz, Ain Dakna, Al-Smoka and Al-Shaikh Eissa villages and the outskirts of Tel Refaat city controlled by Kurdish forces, meanwhile the Kurdish shelling hit the vicinity of Yazbagh village in A’zaz city and Al-Tawes village on the outskirts of Marae’ city northern of Aleppo. However, no information were reported about the damages and casualties.