The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish-held areas | Turkish forces on alert in their positions in SE Idlib countryside

Since the early hours of Tuesday morning, Turkish forces have mobilised their troops and tanks in their positions in south-eastern Idlib countryside. Turkish forces have put on alert by equipping and operating tanks and heavy machinery, conducting manoeuvres in their outposts, and preparing soldiers in full gear and combat uniform. It is believed that these preparations are due to the visit of a prominent Turkish army personnel in upcoming hours to these military outposts and positions, reliable sources have informed SOHR.

On April 2, Turkish forces continue reinforcing their positions in “Putin-Erdogan” area by bringing dozens of types of machinery, and military and logistic equipment to the region, SOHR activists documented the entry of Turkish reinforcements that evening, from Bab Al-Hawa border crossing, north of Idlib.

The convoy comprised 40 armoured vehicles and eight trucks loaded with logistic and military supplies.

According to reliable SOHR sources, another Turkish reinforcement was supposed to enter from Turkish territory, and 50 vehicles were determined to enter during the upcoming few hours.