Tenth attack in 2022 | Israeli missiles destroy weapons warehouses at five Iranian-backed militia outposts, killing and injuring at least 17 • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Tenth attack in 2022 | Israeli missiles destroy weapons warehouses at five Iranian-backed militia outposts, killing and injuring at least 17

Reliable sources have informed SOHR that Israeli bombardment that hit Syrian territory in the early hours of Wednesday morning has destroyed Iranian-backed militia positions in Rif Dimashq.

Israeli missiles have hit military outposts in the vicinity of Sahnaya, Jabal Alsumariah near the 100th regiment and the mountain near Damascus International Airport, the outpost between Damr and Qudsaya, as well as Al-Kiswah area in Rif Dimashq which hosts military positions of regime forces and Iranian-backed militias and Lebanese Hezbollah militias.

Israeli missiles have led to the destruction of weapons and ammunition warehouses in Al-Sumeriyan and Jabal areas near Damascus International Airport, as well as the destruction of outposts in military barracks in Sahnaya and Al-Kiswah.

Israeli attack also has killed nine military personnel and injured more than eight others, and the dead men are: five Syrians and four Iranian-backed militiamen whose nationality remains unknown.

This is the tenth Israeli attack on Syrian territory since early 2022.

At midnight, SOHR activists reported hearing over 12 explosions in Damascus and its countryside due to Israeli shelling, amid attempts by regime Air Defence to block missiles.

The explosions were heard in several areas in Rif Dimashq and missiles hit vicinity of Damascus International Airport, the vicinity of Jamrayah, Qodsiyah and Jadida Artoz which hold regime military positions and Iranian militias. It wasn’t determined whether this was caused by Israeli shelling or as result of the regime’s Air Defence missiles.

Meanwhile, fire broke inside a military checkpoint in Al-Somariyah area western of Damascus, when Israeli missiles hit the site.

On April 15, Israel has fired missiles on military positions in the vicinity of Rakhla town and near the poultry areas between Ambiyah and Kaf Qouk towns in the vicinity of Katna in the south western Rif Dimashq, where a military site of the Iranian-backed militias and Palestine Liberation Army are present.

Moreover, smoke rose in the area that was targeted, while the Anti-Air artillery attempted to block the Israeli missiles. However, no casualties have been reported yet.

This comes after one week of the last shelling by Israel forces on military positions in Hama.

On April 9, Israel carried out air strikes on government-held positions in Syria, the state news agency SANA said, without reporting any casualties.
“The Israeli enemy launched an aerial assault from the direction of northern Lebanon targeting a number of positions in the central region,” SANA reported, citing a military source.
The news agency said air defences were activated and intercepted a number of missiles over Hama province.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that explosions were heard in the town of Masyaf and nearby areas in the west of government-controlled Hama province.
The Britain-based war monitor said that both Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement had a presence in the area.

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