The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Assassination attempt | Al-Hamza Division leader dies of wounds sustained in attack by gunmen in Afrin city

Aleppo province: SOHR activists have reported that Al-Hamza faction commander “Abu Hudhayfah” died of his wounds sustained in a shooting attack by unidentified gunmen on a motorcycle on Tarandah road in Afrin countryside yesterday.

This morning, SOHR activists reported that a commander of “Al-Rahman corps” faction in Eastern Ghouta was seriously injured and another man when an IED attached to a military vehicle exploded in Al-Ashrafiyah neighbourhood in Afrin, which is under the control of factions of “Olive Branch” operating room in north-western countryside of Aleppo on Wednesday morning.

Yesterday, Syrian Observatory activists reported that a commander of Al-Hamza Division faction was seriously injured in an assassination attempt by unidentified gunmen on motorcycles on Tiranda road in Afrin countryside.