Al-Tadamon massacre | One example among plethora of horrific massacres committed in Syria, while war criminals escape accountability • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al-Tadamon massacre | One example among plethora of horrific massacres committed in Syria, while war criminals escape accountability

SOHR renew its appeal to bring all war criminals, perpetrators of violations and all those who aided and abetted crimes against humanity to justice

The Guardian has posted a video footage documenting a horrific massacre committed by regime forces. The video showed regime soldiers executing unarmed civilians, piling their bodies in a pit in the ground and burning them in a neighbourhood in southern Damascus, just a few metres away from Syria’s seat of power. The footage documented a complete war crime in which the victims were blatantly humiliated before being killed.


We, at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), express our strong condemnation of this heinous crime and confirm that more terrifying crimes against humanity committed by all warring parties have yet to be disclosed.


SOHR stresses the importance of prosecuting all war criminals who have wreaked havoc and killed innocent people just for adopting opposing stances, expressing their opinions and calling for freedom and equality, emphasising that these criminals have to be punished in accordance with international laws.


SOHR also expresses its condemnation of chemical and gas attacks on innocent civilians and express astonishment at the fact that the Syrian regime has masterminded these attacks and covered up the most horrific crimes of the 21st century, according to documentation and verifications by SOHR, various media outlets and international human rights organisations, at a time when the ruling power is supposed to protect all Syrian people.


SOHR asserts that the massacre, which has been disclosed by the Guardian and which left 41 people dead, is only one example among a plethora of serious violations and breaches which have been battering Syrian civilians during a protracted war raging for over a decade.


We would like to bring to mind the world of two more horrific massacres which were committed in Al-Bayda village and Baniyas, a few days after Al-Tadamon massacre, in which children, women and elders were killed in cold blood by the “Shabiha” (regime loyalists who abuse power and conduct illegal actions for the benefit of the regime) who later burned the victims’ bodies.


Also, the massacres committed in regime prisons and basements cannot be ignored, where over 105,000 people died under unbelievable brutal torture, according to SOHR statistics.


SOHR calls for highlighting atrocities committed during the previous decade of the devastating war in Syria and renew its appeals to allow international criminal courts to investigate all crimes committed in Syria since the outset of the Revolution and bring all criminals, perpetrators of violations and all those who aided and abetted the killing of Syrian civilians to international courts to ensure a fair trial away from warlords and corrupt judiciary in Syria.


The Syrian Observatory condemns and denounces the continuity of crimes in full view of the international community which has taken no serious and tangible actions until now to hold criminals accountable.


We also call for holding a trial in which Syrian victims and human rights activists can participate, like the trial of Anwar Raslan the regime former officer who has been sentenced by the courthouse in Koblenz in western Germany to life in prison, after having been found involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity.


We express our condemnation of the absence of decisive measures that are supposed to be adopted and imposed by the international community. This absence has encouraged greatly the policy of impunity inside Syria in the past few years.


Also, we would like to remind the international community of the victims who have been affected for over 11 years by the siege imposed by the Syrian regime which prevented the entry of humanitarian assistance to the “liberated areas.” This is another crime whose perpetrators must not escaped accountability.


We emphasise that our main goal is to defend human rights and affirm that we will continue our struggle on the ground for as long as criminals are at large and enjoying freedom.


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