The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Islamic State” executes 4 soldiers, and promises to fight, kill and reach to Damascus and Lattakia

SOHR received a footage shows IS militants executing 4 men, where SOHR published in the middle of the last June that IS executed those 4 men in front of al- Rahba castle on the southwestern outskirts of the city of al- Mayadin amid presence of IS militants who prevented the citizens from getting close towards the execution place, where they videoed the execution using several cameras.


The footage showed the 4 men confessing that they are members of the regime forces and that they were performing their military service in Palmyra east of Homs seized by IS in May 20, 2015. IS executed them after wearing them “orange jumpsuit”. The footage also showed one of the executioners talking and sending a message of “those are the apostates who protect and defend Bashar al- Assad, support and fight by his name, make the children orphans and the women widows, destroy mosques, arrest and rape women. We said to them we are going to continue in out jihad until the Hour appears, fight and kill you till there is no more mischief and the way of life prescribed by Allah is established in its entirety, till the sorrow go away, and till liberating all female detainees in your jails. We swear by God that we are going to cut every evil hand that touch them. We say to them today is here, tomorrow is in al- Jorah, then in the airbase, al- Berkah, Homs, and we do not forget Damascus and Lattakia, we swear by God we are going to take revenge eventually. We also tell them if you are fighting for Bashar al- Assad we are fighting for Allah.”