The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Warplanes kill 22 Syrian IS militants, and a child from “Cubs of the caliphate” blows himself up in al-Hasakah

At least 22 IS militants were killed due to targeting an IS convoy in the area located between the northern countryside of al- Hasakah and southern one by what it is believed to be the regime warplanes, SOHR activists were informed that all of the dead members  were Syrian and from Deir Ezzor Province, most of the bodies arrived to Deir Ezzor and buried in its western countryside. The sources also confirmed to the activists that there are more deaths on IS ranks from North African nationalities.


It has been cleared that the person who detonated the booby-trapped vehicle yesterday at the southern entrance of Al-Hasakah city is a child fighter of “cubs of the caliphate” who is 14 years old from the village of Zghir Jzira in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor. This child is one of those who joined the “Islamic State” earlier. Thus, the number of the child fighters of “cubs of the caliphate” who blew themselves up using booby-trapped vehicles in several attacks carried out by IS on several areas out of his control has risen to 19 this year.