The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Cooperating with ISIS” | Special Operations arrest over 20 suspects in Al-Hawl camp

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have reported that Special Operation forces of “Al-Asayesh” have arrested 23 Arab and foreign suspects inside Al-Hawl camp in Al-Hasakah countryside for “Cooperating with ISIS cells outside of the camp.”

According to reliable SOHR sources, the arrested suspects are considered “terrorist cells”, which were planning to carry out violence acts and explosions in northern and eastern of Syria.
Earlier today, SOHR activists reported that gunmen of ISIS opened direct fire on two persons in the fourth section of Al-Hawl camp in Al-Hasakah, injuring them severely.
It is worth noting that this was the second incident in May.
Yesterday, reliable sources informed SOHR that security forces “Asayish” found the body of an Iraqi refugee after being shot dead by ISIS cells in the first section of Al-Hawl camp, in the eastern countryside of Al-Hasakah.
Accordingly, the number of murders committed by ISIS affiliates in Al-Hawl camp since early April has reached six. These murders left six people dead: Two Iraqi refugees, including a woman, three unidentified women, and a displaced Syrian female.