The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime guided-missile | Ten members of “Al-Jabha Al-Wataniyah” killed and injured on Sahl Al-Ghab frontlines in Hama countryside

SOHR activists have documented the death of five members of “Jayish Al-Nasr” faction operating under the banner of “Al-Jabha Al-Wataniyah Li Al-Tahrir” and the injury of five others, some seriously, after being targeted by regime forces with a guided missile on Cairo village frontline in Sahl Al-Ghab, north-west of Hama.


In the early hours of Sunday morning, SOHR activists in “Putin-Erdogan” area have reported rocket fires by regime forces on areas in Svohn, Fulayfil, Al-Fatirah, Al-Bara, Kansafrah and Bayannin in Jabal Al-Zawiyah in the southern Idlib countryside. This rocket attack comes amid flights by Russian reconnaissance aircraft in the airspace.

Meanwhile, Kabbana frontlines in Jabal Al-Akrad in the northern Latakia countryside have seen exchanges of heavy machineguns between regime forces and their proxies on one hand, and jihadist groups on the other. However, no casualties have been reported.