Iranian activity in Syria | Ongoing flow of Iranian fuel to Baniyas port amid fuel crisis in regime-held areas • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Iranian activity in Syria | Ongoing flow of Iranian fuel to Baniyas port amid fuel crisis in regime-held areas

Reliable sources have informed SOHR that Iranian fuel tankers continue to arrive in Syrian territory by sea, as Baniyas port in Tartous province on the Syrian coast witnesses the arrival of Iranian crude oil and natural gas loaded in tankers periodically without stopping.

This comes in light of Russia’s preoccupation with war against Ukraine, and earlier as The Syrian Observatory has repeatedly pointed out the ongoing flow of oil tankers by Iran.

This development comes in light of a major fuel crisis that hit regime-held areas and deepens the suffering of people there.

On September 2021, SOHR activist reported that vessel carrying crude oil and house gas was arriving over the past few hours from Iran into Banyas port on the Syrian coast. The vessels were loaded with nearly three million barrels of oil and 2,000 tons of gas, which are not little quantities.

More oil and gas were anticipated to come from Iran into Syria amid the escalation of the fuel crisis across the country and amid suffering of the Syrian civilians to securing their daily sources of income and amid the hiking prices and the long queues at the bakeries and the fuel stations.

On Sept. 12, SOHR activists reported that two crude oil tankers have arrived at Banyas harbour in Tartus province on the Syrian coast from Iran. Sources of SOHR have confirmed that the two tankers are carrying Iranian crude oil for Syria, and that the reports circulated by some media outlets of transporting the two tankers’ cargo to Lebanon are untrue. Lebanon’s share of the Iranian fuel already arrived in Syria a few days ago aboard three Iranian tankers, two carrying gasoline and one carrying petrol, while the Lebanese Hezbollah transported that share of fuel to Lebanon.

SOHR sources also reported that a new Iranian fuel tanker is on its way to Syria, but it is not known yet whether the cargo is provided to Syria or it will be transport to Lebanon by land, under Hezbollah supervision.

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