The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Including an officer | Four members of regime’s “Air Defence” killed in Israeli shelling on Misyaf area in Hama

SOHR activists have documented the death of four soldiers of the regime’s “Air Defence” including a lieutenant, in the Israeli shelling that targeted a position of Iranian militias on Wadi Al-Oyon highway western of Misyaf and another in Al-Suwayda area south eastern of Misyaf in Hama countryside amid information of other casualties. Moreover, seven soldiers and six civilians were injured including a little girl.

Earlier today, SOHR activists reported that Israeli warplanes fired nearly eight missiles on an ammunition warehouse and positions of Iranian militias in Misyaf area in Hama countryside, where positions on Wady Al-Oyon road western of Misyaf and others in Al-Suwayda area south eastern of Misyaf were targeted, causing fire to break out in targeted areas, where ambulances were witnessed rushing to areas that were targeted amid confirmed information of casualties.
Moreover, a missile of the regime air-defence fell in Al-Bira area on the outskirts of Misyaf, causing fire to break out in some agricultural corps.
It is worth noting that this is the 12th Israeli shelling on Syrian lands since 2022.
On May 11, SOHR sources reported that Israeli missiles rained down on positions in the vicinity of Hadar town in northern Al-Quneitra countryside near the border with the occupied Golan, where these areas host the positions of Iranian and Hezbollah-backed militias and militias of Syrian Resistance “Al-Moqawma Al-Suriyah” “Popular Front for the Liberation of the Sanjak of Iskandarun.”
While on April 9, Israeli missiles hit five military outposts in west Hama countryside, targeting the vicinity of the faculty of administration, scientific research centre, a military post in Al-Suwaidah village and a military post on the outskirts of Masyaf.