Residents find burnt body of a woman in Al-Qamishly countryside. • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Residents find burnt body of a woman in Al-Qamishly countryside.

In 24 hours | Three murders recorded and residents find bodies in Al-Hasakah

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have monitored escalation of crimes in SDF-held areas, where three crimes were documented during the last 24 hours in Al-Haskah.

SOHR activists reported that residents have found a body of a woman in her 30s in Wady Al-Dosah in Tel Aouda Harb village in the southern Al-Qamishly countryside, with burnt face and signs of gunshots on her neck and chest.

This is the third crime documented in less than 24 hours.

Regarding the second crime, reliable sources told SOHR that a civilian was shot dead by thefts who attempted to break into his house in Al-Qamishli city. It is worth noting that the victim was a father of six children.

On the other hand, a civilian was found dead in his house in Barku Layla village in Al-Qamishli countryside, while uncertainty surrounded the circumstances of the murder. This was the first crime documented by SOHR activists during the last 24 hours.

This coincided with the escalating rate of crimes throughout Syrian geography.

On May 12, SOHR sources documented a new murder in SDF-controlled areas, where a civilian from Sarin town in Ain Al-Arab countryside (Kobani) shot his son dead with four gunshots following a family dispute. According to SOHR sources, the father prevented the residents to hospitalise his son until he was sure that the boy died, before he escaped.

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