Forced to displace by Iranian-backed militias | Over 2,000 Syrian families from Deir Ezzor appeal to humanitarian organisations to save them • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Forced to displace by Iranian-backed militias | Over 2,000 Syrian families from Deir Ezzor appeal to humanitarian organisations to save them

The protracted war which has been raging in Syria for years and its repercussions have badly impacted the humanitarian situation in all zones of influence throughout Syria. After the Iranian-backed militias’ control of areas in west Euphrates region, which later were turned into an “autonomous colony” for the Iranians in Syrian territory, the humanitarian situation was deteriorated further due to the militias’ reprehensible practices which forced many families to displace from their areas.


Nearly 2,100 families are living in Abu Khashab camp in the north-western countryside in Deir Ezzor in an area controlled by Syria Democratic Forces, after they have been forced to displace from their areas by Iranian-backed militias. The camp has been experiencing dreadful living conditions, where its inhabitants are struggling with the lack of basic livelihood and suspension of humanitarian organisations’ support.


In this report, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights would like to shed light on the sufferings of thousands of families, mostly from areas stretching form the southern and western countryside of Deir Ezzor to Al-Bokamal, who have been forced to displace from their homes due to the violent attacks by regime forces, backed by Iranian-backed militias.


Speaking to SOHR, a woman known by her initials as A. A. from Al-Shuwayt town in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor said, “I have been displaced from the town with my family of nine, after the Iranian-backed militias had captured the town. We fled from the town, fearing oppression and arbitrary arrests practiced by the Iranian-backed militias against civilians. We have no longer able to return to our home which could not survived the airstrikes during ISIS control of the town.”


The woman appealed to humanitarian organisations and international and regional powers to bring her and her family back to her house, saying “look at our very torn tent which cannot protect us from heat in summer and cold in winter.”


In light of the challenges which the camp’s inhabitants face, including lack of job opportunities, economic hardship and suspension of support by humanitarian organisations, the humanitarian and living conditions have reached tragic levels. Accordingly, these families find themselves are forced to bow to the disastrous situation in the camp or to risk their safety and lives by return to their homes in areas under the control of Iranian-backed militias.


Meanwhile, the woman appealed to humanitarian organisations to provide needed services and secure essential products and supplies.


On the other hand, a widow known as A. A. who is a mother of eight children from Al-Mayadeen city told SOHR, “members of the Lebanese Hezbollah seized my house and I came to Abu Khashab camp, fearing the practices of Iranian-backed militias. I cannot return with my eight children to my house for the same reason. The living conditions in the camp are dreadful. For the past four years, no humanitarian organisations have helped us or provided any support.”


We, at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), renew our appeal to the international community, United Nations, and UN Security Council to intensify their efforts to force Iranian forces and their proxy militias out of Syria and bring all criminals, perpetrators of violations and all those who aided and abetted the killing and displacement of Syrian people to justice.

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