IED attack | Military Intelligence member assassinated in Daraa Al-Mahatah • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

IED attack | Military Intelligence member assassinated in Daraa Al-Mahatah

SOHR activists have reported that an explosion was heard in Daraa Al-Mahatah, caused by the explosion of an IED in a car carrying two people, including a former member of the opposition factions who struck a “settlement deal” and became a member of Military Intelligence Branch.

The member succumbed to the injuries he sustained in the explosion that targeted his car and his escort, a young man, injured

According to Syrian Observatory sources, the dead man is from Al-Taybah town in Daraa countryside and his father, a dissident pilot brigadier general of the regime’s army, was arrested early in 2019 by the regime’s security services and his fate remains unknown till today.

Since early 2022, the number of attacks in Daraa province has risen to 206, which left 160 people dead; and they are as follows:

• 78 civilians, including two women and four children.

• 64 regime military personnel, “collaborators” with security services and members with settled-status working for regime services and backed militias.

• Ten former fighters who did not join any military formation, after striking reconciliation deals.

• An ex-ISIS member.

• Six unidentified people.

• A Russian-backed militiaman.

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