Ongoing violations in Afrin | "National Army" factions sell displaced people's houses at low prices • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ongoing violations in Afrin | “National Army” factions sell displaced people’s houses at low prices

Aleppo province: Turkish-backed factions in Afrin continue their violations against the forcibly displaced people in Afrin by illegal sales of their properties and cutting down olive trees in various areas of Afrin city.

In this context, SOHR activists have reported that armed members of Al-Sultan Murad faction who were displaced from Homs have cut down nearly 65 olive trees in Sharan district to sell them as fire logs.

Moreover, an armed member from Aleppo city has cut down more than 70 olive trees owned by a civilian from Bulbul district in Afrin countryside.

Furthermore, members of “Al-Sham Corps” have also cut down more than 120 olive trees in the villages of Basufan and Kabbashin in Shirawa district.

Meanwhile, an armed member from Hayyan town in the countryside of Aleppo has sold a house in Al-Ashrafieh neighbourhood in Afrin for 1,400 USD. This house is owned by a resident from Amara village in Maabatli district.

On May 8, As Turkish-backed factions continue their violation against people in Afrin, illegally selling civilians’ properties and systematically cutting down olive trees, SOHR activists reported that members of Military Police have sold two houses in Al-Ashrafiyah neighbourhood in Afrin city for 2000 USD per house, and rented shops for 400 Turkish liras. This shop was originally owned by a man from Arandah village.

Moreover, A commander of “Al-Jabha Al-Shamiyyah” faction had imposed a levy of 1000 USD on all building contractors in Al-Ashrafiyah district in Afrin city which is controlled by “Al-Jabha Al-Shamiyyah” faction.

Meanwhile, members of Al-Hamza Division had cut down nearly 35 olive trees, some entirely and others partially, and those trees were owned by a man from Kafr Shil village in Afrin city centre.

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