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Torture victims | Young man from Deir Ezzor dies under torture in regime prison

SOHR activists have documented the killing of a young man from Abriyah area in Deir Ezzor countryside, under torture in regime security detention centres after being arrested almost a year ago.

This comes despite a presidential amnesty decree issued by Bashar Al-Assad last April 30.

On May 9, SOHR activists documented the death of a young man from Al-Qamishli city, under torture in Saydnaya prison after being arrested nearly nine years ago.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, the young man was arrested in late 2012 after defecting from the regime’s army and fleeing to Daraa in southern Syria.

The victim’s mother had visited him several times in the prison until the end of 2021 and paid the regime officers a large sum of money. The Young man suffered from poor health conditions.

A detainee released under the presidential amnesty issued by the president of the Syrian regime in late April informed the victim’s family of his death under torture and poor health care in the prison.

Accordingly, the number of civilians who died under torture in regime prisons which has been documented by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights since the beginning of 2022 has risen to 67 including a dissident army officer and 38 people from Eastern Ghouta whose death certificates were delivered by regime to their families in February.

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