Girl tied and abused under eyes of a “mute” world | Dramatic scene exposes the king and his fakeness • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Girl tied and abused under eyes of a “mute” world | Dramatic scene exposes the king and his fakeness

In a dramatic and dark scene that exposes the king and his fakeness.

While you browse the social media you get shocked with a video tape that exposes the ugliness of the world showing a beautiful seven years-old girl not playing with her friends or attending her classes, but she was shown tied, a face calling for the world to save it. Is there a savior for an innocent child being stepped on without committing any sins?


Users of social media have circulated a video tape showing a seven years-old girl being abused by her family and tied to one of her house’s pillars in Idlib, which is controlled by HTS and armed factions, where social media users condemned these horrific crimes committed against children and shed light on other assaults against children who are the weakest link in any conflict.


The video tape showed a girl in bad health being tied and abused in a tragical scene that contradicts with all laws and humanitarian ethics.


We at SOHR denounce such horrific behaviors that exposes the law of jungle and lack of strict law or trial that would stop people from committing these violations, and we call for the need to hold those who abused the girl accountable, and SOHR will not hesitate to defend the small children being targeted by these outlaw factions that are deprived of their humanity.


We at SOHR recall the international laws that defend the children and punishes those who commit such crimes.


We at SOHR renew demands to keep children out of conflicts, and support a political solution of negotiating with concerned authorities for the future of Syria and its new generation, instead of the laws that serve repressed systems and support violence and chaos.


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