War ordnance | Seven civilians killed and ten others injured across Syria since early May • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

War ordnance | Seven civilians killed and ten others injured across Syria since early May

Since early 2022, old ordnance left nearly 100 civilians, mostly women and children, dead

The Syrian war ordnance such as landmines, IEDs and unexploded devices continue to pose a danger to the lives of innocent Syrians across the entire Syrian geography. These explosive remnants of war (ERW), which have been planted by military formations in most Syrian regions for over ten years or so, have tragically claimed the lives of so many innocent Syrians.


Since early May, SOHR has documented the death of seven civilians, including three children, and the injury of ten others, including five children and two women, in the explosion of landmines and explosive remnants of war in the following provinces: Rif Dimashq, Daraa countryside, Homs contryside, Al-Raqqah, Aleppo countryside.


Here are further details of the casualties of old ordnance:


  • May 1: A civilian was killed and others injured by a landmine explosion in a car carrying a number of civilians near the 55-kilometre zone in the Syrian desert on the eastern border with Jordan and Iraq.


  • May 5: A young man was killed when an old landmine exploded in farmland near Muwaylih village in the western countryside of Al-Raqqah.


  • May 7: Two children were killed in the explosion of an old cluster bomb in Al-Fakia’ in northern Daraa countryside.


  • May 7: An old landmine planted earlier by ISIS exploded in Aksh village in the eastern countryside of Salamiyah, in the eastern countryside of Hama, leaving a child and two men injured.


  • May 10: A little girl sustained severe injuries to her left leg due to the explosion of an old landmine, west of poultry farms in Danibah village in eastern Hama countryside.


  • May 14: A child was killed, and two others injured while tampering with an improvised old landmine in Rima area near Jisr Al-Nabek in Rif Dimashq.


  • May 16: A civilian was killed, and his wife and daughter were seriously injured when an unknown object exploded while tampering with it inside their house in Al-Zaydiyah neighbourhood in Afrin, north of Aleppo.


  • May 18: An old landmine exploded in Al-Dawah area in the eastern countryside of Homs, killing a civilian and injuring another.


  • May 18: A 17-year-old boy was critically injured in an explosion of remnants of regime and Russian bombardment on the farmland in Kurin town, south of Idlib.


  • May 18: An old landmine exploded near the soil barrier separating regime-held areas and SDF-held areas in Al-Husayniyah in Deir Ezzor countryside, seriously injuring a young man.


Since early 2022, SOHR has documented the death of 99 civilians, including four women and 41 children, due to explosions of old landmines, unexploded shells and bombs across Syria since early 2022. In addition, 115 civilians, including eight women and 67 children, sustained various injuries in the same period. Among the total death toll, a man and his son were killed in the collapse of a war-damaged building in Darya city in Rif Dimashq.

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