SOHR: Turkish Forces Continue to Shell Kurdish Villages in NE Syria • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR: Turkish Forces Continue to Shell Kurdish Villages in NE Syria

Turkish forces and Ankara-backed Syrian Islamist militias on Wednesday bombarded two villages in northeast of Syria, a war monitor reported.

The shelling targeted the villages of Hoshan and Al-Dabs in west Ain Eissa countryside, in north of Raqqa, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. It was not clear if the bombardments resulted in any casualties.

SOHR also reported fire exchange between the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Turkish forces in the surrounding areas of Ain Issa.

“Meanwhile, Turkish forces stationed in Sayda base shelled Al-Mushayrifah silos and other areas. However, no casualties were reported,” the Britain-based monitoring group added.

The SDF’s media center said in a Twitter statement that Turkish bombardments on Tuesday night hit a civilian house in Carthage village, south of Ain Issa in Raqqa, resulting in the wounding of five civilians, including a mother and her four children.

“For ten days now, the Turkish occupation has been shelling the villages of Ain Isa, Tal Tamir, Zarkan, al-Shahbaa, Manbij, and Kobane [Kobani]. The number of targeted villages reached 70 heavy populated towns and villages,” the SDF statement added.


Source: Bas News

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