SOHR: War In Syria Killed 165 People in 2022 So Far • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR: War In Syria Killed 165 People in 2022 So Far


At least 165 people, including children have been killed in southern Syria since the start of 2022, as violence continues to escalate across the war-hit country.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that the latest incident happened on Wednesday, in which a civilian was killed by unidentified armed men in Jassim city in Daraa province.

“The number of attacks in Daraa province has risen to 210 since the start of 2022 and also took the lives of 81 civilians, including two women and four children,” SOHR reported.

At least 66 Syrian-regime military personnel, ten former fighters, six unidentified people and a Russian-backed militiaman were also killed in the province during the span of time.

SOHR said they also documented the death of two regime soldiers in an ambush by Islamic State (IS) fighters near Wady Al-Zakara area, which separates between Al-Dawa area and Jabal Al-Obour in the Syrian Desert.

According to SOHR at least 203 people, including 99 Syrian-regime soldiers and 104 IS fighters were killed in different military operations in the Syrian Desert since the start of 2022.



Source:  The Daily Newsbrief

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