Sit-in protest in Tadif seven days on | Residents reject Turkey’s project to divide the city • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Sit-in protest in Tadif seven days on | Residents reject Turkey’s project to divide the city

Aleppo province: SOHR sources have reported that the residents of Tadif city continue their peaceful sit-in protest for the seventh consecutive day, opposing the digging of a trench by Turkish forces, separating areas under the control of Turkish-backed factions from regime-controlled areas in Tadif city in Al-Bab countryside in eastern Aleppo.


The residents had set tents on Friday, May 13, and started the protest on the following day in the part which is under the control of the factions, as earlier demonstrations failed to stop the Turkish project which was designed to dig a trench and erect a high soil barrier along the frontlines in north and east Aleppo in order to separate regime controlled areas from areas under the control of the “National Army.” Accordingly, the trench would divide the city into two zones of influence.


On the other hand, the residents called for liberating the neighbourhoods which regime forces captured and digging the trench outside the city instead of digging it in through the city centre and destroying civilian houses.


Moreover, Turkish forces attempted to disperse the protest, claiming that “the project has started according to international understandings and the Turkish army cannot change it.”


On May 13, SOHR sources reported that the section held by Turkish forces and “National Army” factions of Tadif city in east Aleppo countryside witnessed protests by displaced civilians, refusing the Turkish project of digging a trench and establishing a high barrier between regime-held areas and areas controlled by “National Army” factions along the frontlines in northern and eastern of Aleppo.


It is worth noting that the displaced civilians of Tadif area had protested on three occasions during April against the Turkish project.

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