New assassination | Real estate official of Uzbek "Al-Tawhid Wal-Jihad" and companion killed in Idlib • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

New assassination | Real estate official of Uzbek “Al-Tawhid Wal-Jihad” and companion killed in Idlib

SOHR activists have reported that unidentified gunmen have opened fire on a real estate official of the Uzbek “Al-Tawhid Wal-Jihad” in Kafraya town in Idlib countryside, along with his companion who owns a store selling vegetables and foodstuff, killing them immediately.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the real estate official was responsible for the properties of the Uzbek jihadists that were expropriated in Kafraya and Al-Foaa towns after the displacement of original residents according to a Turkish-Russian agreement, and was buying some foodstuffs before he and his companion were shot dead.

It is worth noting that the real estate official is Syrian resident from Aleppo province.

Accordingly, SOHR activists have documented 21 incidents of security disorder in areas held by HTS and factions in Idlib and surrounding countryside, which left 23 people dead, and they are as follows:

• 15 civilians, including a woman and three children.

• Three combatants, including an HTS fighter.

• Five unidentified people.

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