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Al-Rukban blockade | New families flee catastrophic living conditions to regime-held areas

SOHR activists in the besieged Al-Rukban camp by Iranian-backed militias and regime and Russian forces, in the Syrian desert in 55-kilometre zone at Syria’s eastern border with Iraq and Jordan, have reported that new families left the camp during the past hours towards regime-controlled areas in Homs province, fleeing dire living conditions in Al-Rukban camp.

According to Syrian Observatory activists, new families who left Al-Rukban camp are from Mahin area and Palmyra.

Accordingly, the number of families who have left the camp since the beginning of May has risen to 22.

SOHR sources had reported that 24 families and 19 young people left Al-Rukban camp in nine batches to regime-held areas in April. Meanwhile, there are reports about the preparations of tens of families to leave the camp, as these families are waiting for obtaining security provision by Maghawir Al-Thawra.


It is worth noting that the cases of inhabitants leaving Al-Rukban camp escalated recently over the dreadful living conditions in the camp in light of the suspension of assistance provided by humanitarian organisations. In addition, the prices of basic products have reached levels unaffordable by the many because of levies imposed by regime checkpoints on trucks transporting food to the camp, as well as the lack of job opportunities. All these factors have turned the camp, which hosts nearly 8,500 displaced Syrian people from various provinces, into a “large prison” in the Syrian desert.

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