Anti-drugs campaign | Al-Mu'tasim Division clash with drug dealers in Marea city, north of Aleppo • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Anti-drugs campaign | Al-Mu’tasim Division clash with drug dealers in Marea city, north of Aleppo

Aleppo province: SOHR activists have reported that Al-Mu’tasim Division operating under the banner of the National Army, backed by Military Police, have launched a raid and arrests campaign, arresting ten civilians and soldiers accused of drug trafficking and abuse in Marea city in northern Aleppo countryside.

According to Syrian Observatory activists, members of Al-Mu’tasim Division and drug dealers have exchanged fire and the Division managed to arrest a drug dealer in possession of narcotics. National Army also have imposed a curfew in Marea city until the end of the campaign.

On May 18, SOHR sources reported that a patrol of military police arrested a young man from Al-Bab city for unknown reasons. Meanwhile, residents headed to the police station, attempting to mediate to release the young man.

On the other hand, a patrol of military police arrested, on May 16, two civilians from Jarabulus city in the eastern countryside of Aleppo for unknown reasons, where the patrol’s members fired bullets in the air to terrorise them.

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