The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish intensive shelling | Three civilians injured and agricultural crops set ablaze in north-western Al-Hasakah

SOHR activists have reported that three civilians have been injured while they were harvesting in agricultural land due to ongoing rocket and artillery shells fired by Turkish forces on villages and towns west of Tel Tamr district.

SOHR activists have also reported that some wheat and barley fields have been set ablaze in Turkish shelling on Aboush village, located between Tel Tamr and Zarkan districts, in north-western countryside of Al-Hasakah.

Earlier today, SOHR activists reported that Turkish forces stationed in “Peace Spring” area continue to intensify their heavy shelling on villages and towns in the countryside of Tel Tamr and Abu Rasin/Zarkan, north-west of Al-Hasakah since the early hours of Sunday morning.

Turkish artillery and rocket shells rained down on villages of Dada Abdal, Tel Al-Ward Al-Bubi and Khirbet Al-Shaa’er in Abu Rasin countryside. Turkish forces also fired artillery and rocket shells on Al-Dardarah, Tel Shannan, Tel Jumaa’, Al-Ghaybish, Umm Al-Kif, the power station, Gibesh Tahtani and Qasr Touma, which are Assyrian villages.

This shower of shelling had triggered mass civilian exodus and left a SDF member operating under the banner of “Syriac Council” injured.

Meanwhile, SDF forces of “Syriac Council and Tel Tamr Military Council” waged a counter-attack by targetting “Peace Spring” area, amid reports that three members of the “National Army” were injured.