Heavy dust storm | An injury and 20 suffocations in Deir Ezzor • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Heavy dust storm | An injury and 20 suffocations in Deir Ezzor

SOHR activists have reported that a young man suffered fractures and bruises, due to the collapse of an old building in Al-Mayadin city in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.

Moreover, at least 20 suffocation cases were recorded in one of the city hospitals, as a result of the dust storm in the area and resulting heavy air current.

Yesterday, most areas of Syria were witnessing a dust storm, which would reach it’s peak during the following hours and they following day, while the dust storm was concentrated in Deir Ezzor city and areas in eastern of Syria, amid instructions for residents to wear face masks and close windows and doors to prevent entry of dust to their houses due to its negative effect on health and respiratory system.

Weather forecasts warned of intense dust storms in most areas of Al-Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, the desert, parts of Al-Hasakah and the countryside of the eastern provinces as a result of the extreme winds that reach 70 kilometers per hour.

The death toll of the powerful dust storm that struck areas in eastern Syria has risen to seven people, including two children and a woman, in Deir Ezzor province due to suffocation. This dust storm left nearly 200 people, including women and children, injured.

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