The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkey’s Safe zone | Turkish officers and Iranian leaders hold meetings, south of Aleppo to maintain calm in “de-escalation zone”

As the Turkish president talks about conducting military operations in areas controlled by SDF in northern Syria under the pretext of establishing a “safe zone,” SOHR sources have reported that over the past few days several meetings between Turkish and Iranian officers were held in Al-Eis town in the southern countryside of Aleppo.
According to Syrian Observatory sources, through these meetings, Turkish forces are seeking to maintain calm on the frontlines in the “de-escalation” zone.

This comes in light of Iranian expansion after the Russians preoccupation with the Ukraine war.

It is worth noting that Iranian-backed militias control the area from Saraqib city, east of Idlib, all the way to the western countryside of Aleppo, an area that Iranians attacked and seized in 2015.

The southern countryside of Aleppo is one of the largest strongholds of Iranian-backed militias.