"Euphrates Shield" area | "Military police and Ahrar Al-Sharqiyyah" fighters arrest two young men from Aleppo countryside • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Euphrates Shield” area | “Military police and Ahrar Al-Sharqiyyah” fighters arrest two young men from Aleppo countryside

On Monday, members of Ahrar Al-Sharqiyyah faction arrested a young man in Al-Bab city centre, east of Aleppo, after he crossed Al-Bab city via routes used for smuggling from areas controlled by the Syrian regime in Aleppo city, SOHR activists reported.

On April 20, a military police patrol arrested a young man from Azaz city for “Affecting public morals and misusing social media.” The members of military police took the arrested man to their security headquarters in Azaz city.

On May 21, SOHR activists reported that Turkish-backed factions brutally beat a young man from Dirbasiyah city northern of Al-Hasakah, where he was stopped in Manbij area after he passed “Euphrates Shield” areas via smugglers to sneak into Turkey.

Meanwhile, the members of the Turkish-backed factions communicated with the young man’s parents and demanded his identity and the family book, before cutting off contact with them.

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