SOHR reveals truth about circulation of paper flyers in Mangh • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR reveals truth about circulation of paper flyers in Mangh

Some pages on social media circulated false news, as part of the psychological war by Turkey against people in the Syrian north, after Erdogan’s latest statements.

Media agencies of Turkey published news with images of paper publications attached, and said that Turkish planes threw them in Mangh town in northern Aleppo countryside.

Reliable SOHR sources in the area denied the news and confirmed that the circulated images are old and were thrown over the city a few months ago.

Following researches, it was found that these images date back to the middle of October of 2021, nearly seven months ago.

The paper publications stated: “To residents of Mangh and its vicinity…. for your safety, you are asked to stay away from all military bases and from the town and its vicinity.”

The decision of eliminating all terrorists from the area “PKK-PYD” is irreversible, so cooperate with your national army to eliminate terrorism.

It is worth noting that the Turkish prisdent described an ongoing military work as the remaining part of the plans started to establish safe areas 30 kilometers wide on the southern Turkish borders with Syria, and confirmed that the resolutions will be taken during the National Security Council meeting on May 26, and the remaining military operation will start after preparing that army, Intelligence forces and Security.

We at SOHR warn against false news and participating in media war led by Turkey, and executed by Syrian people against each other.

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