The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ras Al-Ain clashes | Tension escalates and fighters put on high alert in Afrin city and Jendires district

Aleppo province: SOHR activists have reported that fighters of Al-Mawali tribe armed with light and medium machine guns have set up several roadblocks and checkpoints at the entrances and exits to Jendires district in Afrin countryside, north-west of Aleppo, amid searches of civilian cars heading to Jendires district. These measures have led to the arrest of five displaced men from Deir Ezzor.

According to Syrian Observatory activists, following the arrest of the three civilians and the threat of killing them by Al-Mawali tribe, Al-Akidat tribe has mobilised all its militants in Afrin city, demanding that all members of the tribe head to Afrin.

Moreover, Jayish Al-Sharqiyyah and Ahrar Al-Sharqiyyah fighters have put on high alert in Afrin and Jendires districts.