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Young man found dead inside his house in Homs countryside

A 34 years-old man from Qaryat town in Homs countryside hanged himself by a rope in his house, where the body was transported to Talkalakh hospital. The reasons behind his suicide remains unknown.

On May 3, SOHR activists reported that an 18 year-old young man committed suicide by strangling himself by a rope in his room in Al-Shahba city in Al-Suwaydaa countryside.

Local sources reported that the young man is a student of third-year high school, and the reasons behind his suicide weren’t determined.

It is worth noting that a 17 year-old young man in Al-Shahba city committed suicide nearly 10 days ago on April 24, after consuming poisonous material and died later in Al-Suwaydaa national hospital. He was a high school student living with his family in Shahba city northern of Al-Suwaydaa.

Similarly, a young man in his 30s committed suicide by consuming overdose of medication in March.

Reliable SOHR sources confirmed an increase in suicide cases in Syria due to psychological pressure and deteriorating living conditions.

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