The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Syria-Jordan border | “Russian Military Police” run patrol in Yarmouk basin, west of Daraa

SOHR activists have reported seeing a patrol of eight armoured vehicles conducted by the Russian Military Police in villages and towns in Yarmouk basin at Syria-Jordan border in the western countryside of Daraa.

On May 19, SOHR activists reported that Russian patrols roamed with the head of the Military Security Branch on the border area in Hawd Al-Yarmok area in Daraa countryside.

According to reliable SOHR sources, nearly ten cars and armoured vehicles roamed in Qoya, Ma’raya and Al-Qasir towns adjacent to Jordanian borders.

This came hours after the statements of the Jordanian king as a possible escalation at borders with Syria, pointing out that the void being left by Russia in Syria will be filled by Iran and its agents.