The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Islamic State” uses gas in targeting YPG

SOHR documented IS use of gas during its shelling that targeted the village of Rajm al- Tfihi located in the south of Tal Brak town in the province of al- Hasakah in 28 June, according to doctors’ testimony and analyses, where SOHR knew that the shelling by gas caused vomiting, suffocation and eye-burn suffered by 12 YPG fighters. The doctors’ testimonies and laboratory analysis confirmed that IS used gas in its shelling on the village; it is unknown whether the gas used during bombardment is chlorine or another kind of gas. Information also reported to SOHR that IS used gas when they targeted the neighborhood of al- Salhiyyah in the city of al- Hasakah.


SOHR demanded UN Security Council to send international commissions of inquiry in order to detect the use of gases by IS and the regime troops across Syria, and to refer the perpetrators to specialist international courts.