The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Several barrel bombs dropped on Daraa city and its countryside, while the regime forces shell MasHara in the countryside of Al-Quneitra

Daraa Province:

A man from Tafas town died affected by wound he had when the warplanes carried out raids on areas in the town earlier, also a fighter from the Islamic factions died during the clashes with the regime forces and the militiamen loyal to them in the vicinity of Kafr Shams town in the northwestern countryside of Daraa, while the helicopters dropped more barrel bombs on areas in al-N’eemah town in the countryside of Daraa, and more than 7 other barrel bombs on areas in Sayda town and on other places in Daraa al-Balad in Daraa city, no information about casualties.


Al-Quneitra Province:

The regime forces shelled violently areas in MasHara town in the southern section of the city and opened fire in areas in the city after the helicopters dropped barrel bombs on areas in city, and information about casualties.