The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

With flight of Russian helicopters and unidentified warplanes | Turkish forces shell two villages in Tel Tamr countryside

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have monitored the flight of Russian helicopters and an unidentified warplane extensively over Al-Dirbasiyah border city northern of Al-Hasakah.

Moreover, SOHR activists reported that Turkish forces located in “Peace Spring” area eastern of Ras Al-Ain (Sere Kanye) fired artillery shells on Um Al-Kaif and the Assyrian Tel Goma’a villages in Tel Tamr countryside north western of Al-Hasakah. However, no casualties have been reported yet.

On May 31, Two Russian helicopters flew over the border town of Amuda from Al-Qamishli, flying at low altitude over the border city of Darbasiyah, north of Al-Hasakah then headed to the western countryside and then to Abu Rasin/Zarkan, SOHR activists reported.
It is worth noting that this is a daily activity of Russians as their helicopters fly along Syria-Turkey border, north of Al-Hasakah on a daily basis, since Turkey threatened to launch a military operation targeting border areas controlled by SDF.
Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that regime forces brought in new military reinforcement to the western countryside of Al-Darbasiyyah in northern Al-Hasakah, near the Syria-Turkey border, from Al-Qamishli city.
According to SOHR sources, a regime “Zil vehicle” carrying soldiers and escorted by Russian forces arrived in the western countryside of Al-Darbasiyyah. The recently-arrived soldiers are expected to be deployed at regime posts along the Syria-Turkey border.
Meanwhile, six Russian helicopters were seen flying over the region. Also, fighter jets were flying over the area from Al-Darbasiyyah to the eastern and northern countryside of Tel Tamr, near the Syria-Turkey border.